Our impact

For 27 years, we have investigated and told the truth, contributing to the construction of a critical and well-informed citizenry. Our television, print, and digital products stand out, inside and outside of Nicaragua, for their quality, relevance, and rigor. We are increasingly connected with more audiences, developing optimal environments for expression and interaction.

2022 in figures

  • 2.8 million total unique users on the website
    • 1.5 million unique users in 2022 in Nicaragua
    • 10 million mobile Internet connections in the country
    • They dedicated an average of 5 minutes per session to learn about CONFIDENCIAL journalism
  • 5 thousand subscribers to special newsletters and information alert services
  • 100% growth in programmatic advertising revenue and audience contributions, representing 20% of the media’s operating budget.
  • 420 thousand subscribers to Youtube

Our audience and presence

54% of the Millennial and Z generations

50% women and 50% men

Geographic location of our readers

54% Nicaraguan

14% United States

6% from Costa Rica

3% Mexico

3% Guatemalan

Stories with the greatest impact


A featured report:

In collaboration with the Costa Rican media La Voz de Guanacaste and Interferencia de Radios UCR, we carried out an investigation on those responsible for the labor exploitation suffered mainly by Nicaraguan migrants in Costa Rica in the agricultural, construction and commerce sectors.

Confidential Club

It is the community of readers that supports the mission of guaranteeing free and open access to CONFIDENCIAL coverage for all people, without paywalls. The economic contributions of our audiences also allow us to guarantee the sustainability of our means of communication. The Membership Program offers access to specialized newsletters, the historical archive of our magazine, eBooks, discussions, among other activities.

These are the main milestones we have reached thanks to our community:

  • 2022 was the second best year since, in 2018, CONFIDENCIAL opened the possibility of receiving financial contributions from its audiences.
  • We sent 47 issues of the Premium Newsletter, an exclusive product that used to include the PDF of our print magazine. We are currently transitioning to a content preview model.
  • We receive more than 1,200 financial contributions through our Membership Program and donation campaigns. In this last modality, we surpassed the historical record of 2021.
  • CONFIDENCIAL audiences that reside in Nicaragua (39%) are the ones who contribute the most through donations, and those located in the United States (38%), who contribute the most through memberships.

How do we do it

The priorities established by our strategic vision for the 2020-2025 period are:

  1. Create and distribute relevant content for our audience through various platforms.
  2. Improve our value propositions and diversify our sources of income.
  3. Maximize efficiency and innovation.
  4. Build an organization where collective and individual aspirations are aligned.

For this, the work of CONFIDENCIAL is organized into four programs:

  1. Journalism: We provide reliable information and in-depth research to the Nicaraguan and international public, promoting transparency and public dialogue. Our narrative, investigative and current affairs journalism addresses issues of great local, regional and global relevance: democracy, human rights, climate crisis, corruption, poverty, gender, social security, education and transparency, among others. We document the first draft of history, to help Nicaraguan society to build memory and learn.
    • CONFIDENCIAL Digital Newspaper: website that offers current affairs, investigative and narrative journalism; It has newsletters, special microsites and a section in English.
      • Daily Bulletin: the most important news, opinion columns, cartoons by Pedro X. Molina and content from Revista Niú. It is sent every day at 8:00 am from Nicaragua.
      • The Dispatch: weekly newsletter in English, with news analysis for our international audience. I ship on Wednesdays at 7:00 am from Nicaragua.
      • Migrant Nicas : journalistic content about Nicaraguans abroad, especially those who live in the main migratory destinations: Costa Rica, the United States and Spain.
      • Niú Magazine: native digital magazine focused on lifestyle and other topics of interest to emerging audiences.
      • English: the best of CONFIDENCIAL journalism in English and its own agenda for English-speaking audiences.
    • NICA CONFIDENCIAL YOUTUBE CHANNEL: 420,000 Subscribers Esta Semana y Esta Noche: digital TV programs that offer analysis on politics, economy and society through interviews with experts, reports, news reports and satirical segments, broadcast on the ConfidencialNica YouTube channel .
    • Premium Newsletter: exclusive preview of our investigations, reports, analysis, interviews and profiles that will be published in confidential.digital and the Esta Semana program. Since January 2023 it has replaced our weekly magazine and is aimed at audiences who appreciate a first look at our in-depth journalism. It is distributed as a digital newsletter on Saturday afternoons, serving as a reference in national and international decision-making circles.
    • CONFIDENCIAL Radio: podcasts that include a weekly talk show in which journalists analyze and give their opinions on the news, interacting with audiences, and a daily audio micro-newscast.
  2. Viability: We prioritize the safety and well-being of our team. We are resilient and cultivate relationships with allies, partners and other stakeholders. Our constitution as a non-profit organization in Costa Rica provides stability and protection. We are developing administration and management policies, procedures and tools to optimize the value we offer to our audiences, partners and clients. We align our efforts for financial sustainability with the central component of our value proposition: independent and quality journalism. We diversify income.
  3. Collaboration: We assume a role as facilitators of the ecosystem of independent Nicaraguan and Central American media, collaborating with other media and journalists; It manifests itself in training, co-production, republication of content, security support, knowledge sharing, among others.
  4. Innovation: We innovate in the ways of telling and distributing stories. We listen to our stakeholders, such as journalists, audiences, partners, customers and other media, to understand their needs and the opportunities to create shared value. This helps us embed agile and user-centric innovation as a cross-cutting component of our work; applies to content, distribution, organizational structure, income generation, among others.