The CONFIDENCIAL Membership Program was born in 2020 to build a community of readers who support our media outlet. Through the Membership Program, our readers make it possible for the Confidencial team, led by journalist Carlos Fernando Chamorro, to continue producing independent journalism with high standards of quality and journalistic rigor.

Through the Membership Program, you can join our mission to empower the rights and duties of citizenship, providing free access to independent journalism that delivers verified and responsible information, scrutinizes power, investigates and tells the truth, delves into issues of national and international relevance, and stimulates public debate.

With your financial contribution, we ensure Nicaraguans can access our journalistic coverage. Additionally, the time, ideas, and opinions provided through our free memberships are essential for our journalistic team to address the issues that matter most to citizens, with a plural and diverse approach.

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Our audiences can join the Membership Program as either Friends or Allies. Friends are readers who register for free, willing to participate in dialogue activities such as opinion polls, webinars, and roundtable discussions, among others. Participation in these spaces is completely voluntary and anonymous.

Allies are the audiences who can support CONFIDENCIAL’s economic sustainability by sending financial contributions according to their abilities. Like Friends, Allies are part of our activities. All membership members receive our Premium Newsletter, have access to CONFIDENCIAL’s historical archive, and can download our e-books. To express your doubts, comments, or suggestions about the membership, you can write to us at [email protected]